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Marmaris Village Tour


– Village Tour

Information about Village Life in Turkey

Many tend to their goats and sheep and wander with them around the village as we would with our dogs, but they are looking for grazing.
Many are busy baking all manner of delicious things with homemade bread and well-known local recipes, adding herbs from their gardens.

Others are skilled in the many arts, and crafts passed down for centuries.
Turkish Villagers enjoy their dream life far away from what Europeans are used to.

People in the villages share the luxury of familiarity where everyone knows everyone else and help is always on hand when needed.
Village kinship carries substantial obligations of mutual support and interest.

People look to their kin for day to day sociability and hospitality and are happy in their daily lives.

They support one another in weddings and funerals and special holy days.
In most rural areas the head of the household is descended from one common ancestor. They advise and provide support and often live in adjacent houses or land.

Traditional village Weddings involve elaborate ceremonies which can last for days with transfers of money made with marriage payments by the Father to his son’s bride in the past. However, there will still be occasionally arranged marriages.

In very rural areas, the primary responsibilities of the men are attending to the massive agricultural work, looking after livestock, and making all contacts outside the home both official and economical.

Women help with heavy tasks, also caring for the animals as well as looking after their children, the housewifery and preparation, and cooking of the family food, which is always delicious.

Women help with the milking of their goats and sheep, look after their domestic animals, dogs and cats, and chickens.

Many women tend their vegetable plots and gardens and as well take part in the reaping of Barley another short-stemmed crops

Although women are responsible for a high proportion of agricultural work in addition to their domestic duties, they have incredible talents in many crafts passed down to them from their ancestors.

It’s not uncommon to see greenhouses in village gardens nowadays with all manner of produce grown.

Many Village women make their clothes, are talented in weaving, lace making, preserve foods, play musical instruments, write poetry, and love dancing. There is no end to their talents. There will be crochet and make incredibly intricate lace, are musicians, poets and have many craft skills. You will be amazed by all their talents

A typical village contains masons, carpenter’s, bakers, shoe repairers, tinsmiths, and wrought iron specialists. A health centre, general market and weekly market.
Many villages now have chemists and doctor surgery.

The traditional central part of life centres around the village square and some have Wedding Circles for that purpose

In many villages, it is still possible to identify a woman’s community by her elaborate dress. Clothes made of cotton and wool, baggy trousers, long skirts, trousers and aprons.

Village women tend to preserve this traditional attire. Animals are often kept indoors fed on chopped straw mixes.
In spring ploughing and slowing are underway until harvest when the villagers work long hours to complete the harvesting.

Olive trees are pruned and harvested and many have their olive oil.

Turkish families join together to purchase a cow and share the produce and care, making their cheeses, yoghurt and butter
In Turkey, many men gather together to drink Turkish tea and play games such as card games but gambling are prohibited by law.

In many Turkish homes, you can see traditional woven rugs and carpets with elaborate patterning unique to each region.
If you are invited into someone home you are always expected to take your shoes off – Outside the door -and wear slippers provided for you.

Food is seen as an integral part of Turkish tradition and seen as a gift from Allah (God ) It is common for women to enjoy hours cooking with painstakingly intense recipes and men nowadays excel also at some forms of cookery. Pides cooked in wood ovens are a favourite.

Many people make their bread

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. Keskek is a traditional stew made from barley and wheat

Turkish people all adore children and one should never be surprised if your children get undivided attention.

In the UK when we visit together I have to remind my husband not to pick up strangers children as it’s not acceptable but in Turkey, it’s the norm.
Each village has a MUHTAR [mayor] the elected authority figure in the village.

He seeks permission for all manner of village things and is highly regarded
The families and extended family, are vital to the survival of the village community and live quite often together in this proximity of one another.

They support and care for one another and share close and loving relationships.
Children are attending school at the age of six years and have long summer holidays because of the heat in summer.

Turkish people are generally superstitious with such passed down from generations and have much knowledge of herbal cures which are generally excellent.
They grow their fruits and abundance of varied types, grapefruit, lemon, orange, plus, Apple, pear, avocados, mandarins, cherry and many more.

Turkish tea is so highly regarded. A reddish brew served in a tulip-shaped glass and is a Turkish tradition revolving around hospitality.
Being offered tea anywhere is a sign of welcome whether it be in a house, shop or even hairdresser.

Nazar( evil eye) They are blue glass eyes, often hung above houses, on walls on footpaths and worn by people. This is a sign of protection. Against bad luck.

You need to buy some to take home

Quite often also if you buy something, just anything and it’s the first sale of the day the seller will throw your money on the floor, pick it up again. It symbolizes good luck.

Many villages have their folklore with ballads, poems and music with profound meaning and are dearly loved by all. They enjoy local dances where the whole family attend

Getting circumcised marks the transition from boy to manhood and is a time when family and friends celebrate and rejoice and give the child presents. He will be beautifully dressed in an ornate costume with a cape and sceptre and the ceremony is much like a wedding.

If you attend a village during Ramadan, one of the most significant holy celebrations, the villagers will be fasting from sunrise to sunset. A local drummer will wake folk up at dawn when they will eat before fasting.

They can not eat or drink until the evening when they enjoy a special dinner unless they are children or disabled or ill.

Before We finish this we must add the honking of car horns. if someone is getting married, or beginning their compulsory military service
It’s a standard procedure to see cars in line. — horns blaring.

Turkish flags attached to cars and ribbons.
There can be young people sitting on car roofs, hanging out of windows cheering, and a white tulle is always tied to the car windows.

Hope you enjoy this little insight into village life.
May you all have a wonderful day out on Marmaris Village Tour

Marmaris Village Tour

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Type: Bus Tour – Cultural Tour

Country: Turkey

Town: Marmaris

Pick-Up Time: 09:30am

Duration: 6 Hours

Tour Pick-Up Point: Please Be Ready At The Main Entrance Of Your Hotels / Apartments

Remember To Bring: Sun Creams, Sun Glasses, Swimming Costumes, Towels, slippers Or Comfortable Shoes, Cameras, Money

What Is Including: Lunch With Open Buffet Salad and Starters, English Speaking Guide, Hotel Transfer, Full Insurance, Air-conditioned  Buses, Entrance Fee

What is Excluding: All Kind Of Drinks, Personal Expenses, Photos – Videos(Dvd)

Notice: Please Wear Accordingly Due To The Visit Of The Mosque


Our fully guided tour will help you get more about the Villages you visit. We provide you with real professional guided tours to all the places mentioned on the tour. Our professional licenced guides at your service. They have got a degree of their knowledge for the places and the history,

Air-conditioned Buses

our fully air conditioned buses

We have our own fully air-conditioned modern bus fleet to do this kind of tours. With our comfortable buses, we offer the best transfer services during your entire stay with us. We often check our vehicles, make sure that they are clean and in good condition…

Fully Insured

Full Insurance!

Just like all our other tours, this tour is also fully insured. But we strictly recommend you to follow the Instructions that giving by the professional guides at the begging of Rafting tour.

Jesus Beach (Kızkumu)

This breathtaking beach is called as Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach). There a reason why its called Jesus Beach.

It has a natural sand-bank in the middle of the sea and you can actually walk on it as Jesus did. Its located at the Orhaniye Bay. It is one of the popular tourist attractions around Marmaris.

The journey to the beach is around half an hour from Marmaris (33 km southwest of Marmaris). This lovely beach is just 2.5 Km from the Turgut village. Orhaniye village is also…

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Turgut Village & Waterfall

turgut waterfall is a gift from nature

Marmaris waterfall (in Turkish Selale) is located in Turgut village

This little village has been more into tourism recently and the waterfall is a popular stop with the jeep The waterfall is hidden in a deep forest, has icy cold water and surrounded with pine trees…

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Free Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Back Service

When you book any of our excursions online, our professional service bus drivers will be informed before your Marmaris excursion day then we begin picking our customers up from their hotels.

All we need from you is to be ready at the main entrance of your hotels on time. We also take you back to your hotels after we completed our excursions.

And all these services are free of charge. Our newly bought brand-new, air-conditioned vehicles are available to be seen on Marmaris streets all-day

Tour Program

09:00 – 09:30

Pick-up From Hotels & Apartments

We will pick you up from the designated pick up points by air-conditioned buses.

The pick-up times and pick up points will be given on your arrival when meeting our representetive.

In general, pick up times from Icmeler is half an hour earlier than Marmaris pick-up times and from Marmaris


Departure From Marmaris By Buses

We will start our tour after departing from Marmaris


Our First Stop: Değirmenyanı Village & Elementary School

Visit Degirmenyanı village and the elementary school


Jesus Beach (Kızkumu) Swimming Break

An hour stop at Orhaniye village & Jesus beach (Kızkumu) for swimming and sightseeing.


Hisarönü Village & Visiting The Mosque

We will now stop here at Hisaronu village for visiting the village’s mosques and a tasty lunch break for a Lunch.


Turgut Köy & Waterfall

We will be visiting Turgut Waterfall for approximately one hour. You can either enjoy the freezing waters of the waterfall or explore the riverside


Bayır Köy & Carpet Weaving Center

We will visit the most interesting part of the tour is the carpet weaving place. You will be amazed seeşing people how they create a fine, detailed and quality carpet from scratch.


Photo Break In İçmeler & Return Back To Marmaris

We will be doing Sightseeing over Icmeler, photo break and we will head back to Marmaris, back to hotels & apartments.

Note: Pick up times for Icmeler is different. Please consider the pick-up times written on your booking confirmation sent to your e-mail.
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FAQs About Marmaris Village Tour

Do We Have To Wear Special Clothes Inside Of The Mosque?

Yes. According to the Religion of Islamladies have to cover their hair and should be worn appropriately.

Yes, everybody can join this tour.

Yes, you can. We will especially take you to the place where you can buy Turkish souvenirs, herbs, clothes etc.

Yes! Just like our other tours, this tour is also fully insured.