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Marmaris Standart Turkish Bath

Marmaris Standart Turkish Bath


ARMARIS – Standart Turkish Bath

Our Marmaris Turkish Bath Your experience is highly recommended at the beginning of your holiday. This is because of the pampering and spoiling, which eases you from the stresses of travelling and prepares your skin.

We believe you will return before your holiday finishes too.

It’s important to note that even after getting a nice tan, a Turkish bath helps to hold your tan linger and also nourishes your skin.We offer the best authentic packages available in Turkey and includes free transfers from your hotel to our Spa.

You will be amazed by the perfect relaxing atmosphere coupled with the professionalism of our highly-skilled therapists.
We offer you an incredible variety of treatments and use only the best natural products.

Hygenic towels, soaps, oils, foam and scrub massage products.

Female guests can opt for masseur services from professional lady attendants.
Visiting our Hamman is one of the most sought after activities for holidaymakers to Marmaris.

Our Marmaris Turkish Bath provides you with the very best services available ensuring an invigorating memorable Turkish bath experience with maximum satisfaction promised.

We explain every option to you in detail to provide you with the best choices open to you.
It provides a much-needed health-giving break from sightseeing and other excursions.

The breathtaking experiences are good for your Mind, Body, and Soul.

This is allowing you to experience the secrets of personal care and rituals dating back thousands of years and providing perfection.
Best Turkish Bath and Spa Experiences

The activities are available daily, and you are free to choose the time that’s best for you.
Members of our team will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to our Best Traditional Authentic Hammam.

The First Phase of your incredibly stimulating Turkish bath experience involves spending time in our hot room.
This hot room is much like a sauna but has hot dry air and steam. The hot temperatures in this room allow your skin pores to open.

This releases toxins and gets you ready for your next treatment.

The highlight of your experience has to be the interior of the Hamman made entirely from marble stone. Inside the room are fountains of hot water and in the middle large heated slabs of marble.

By the time you are ready for your second phase of treatment, you will be fully relaxed and looking forward to more relaxation with many health benefits.

One of our professional therapists will use a special unique ancient technique to cover your body with foam and will scrub every inch of it .
During this phase, the skins dead cells will be removed.

This is a pleasant relaxing experience as your skin is left clean, soft and healthy.

This full-body scrub has many health benefits, and if you are a sunseeker it will enable you to get that smooth healthy tan afterwards.
Once the scrub phase is completed, you will take a shower to remove the dead cells and foam from your skin.

The water will make you feel reinvigorated and refreshed.
The next phase includes a 15-minute session of oil massage.

This is the very best way to end your experience with us. Our experienced professional therapists will help all your muscles to relax by using different therapeutic techniques.

Energised and relaxed you will be ready for us to return you to your hotel.

We know your time with us will be memorable for a long time to come and we believe you will book again with us maybe towards the end of your holiday.

History of Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath experiences date back to 600AD and the ancient craft has been handed down over the centuries using natural products guaranteed to be fresh fragrant and beneficial to good health

Traditional body scrubbing used a cloth called Kese.
Guests provided with a Peshtemal thin towel wrap.

A Turkish Bath is one of the oldest traditional experiences in the world. A UNIQUE HEALTH GIVING RITUAL
Probably one of the most authentic types of body cleansing.

The authenticity today is inspired directly from the luxurious facilities in ancient times.
It is an exquisitely purifying ceremony.

The first Hammans started in earnest in Arabia and then the Ottomans took over Constantinople ( now Istanbul ) from the Romans in 1450 they brought with them their Turkish Bath Traditions.

The ritual conforms to the traditions of Islam.
It is therefore extraordinary and meaningful tradition.

From a medical point of view the beneficial properties of a Turkish Bath help people suffering from localised aches and pains. This is because better blood circulation carries more oxygen to damaged areas to bring an immediate reduction in pain and good muscle health.

It promotes rapid healing.

Sitting in a hot steam room or sauna offers several health benefits.
This includes an elevated body temperature which works as a fever would boost immunity by increasing white blood cell production.

Heavy sweating eliminates toxins, chemicals and other impurities from your skin.

What are you waiting for?
Treat yourself to this health-giving experience, you deserve it and most of all will not be disappointed.


Marmaris Standart Turkish Bath

Tour Days: Anyday

Tour Type: Relaxing, Spa

Country: Turkey

Town: Marmaris

Pick-Up Time: Anytime

Duration: Approximately 1.5 Hour

Tour Pick-Up Point: Please Be Ready At The Main Entrance Gate Of Your Hotel.

Remember To Bring: Swimsuits, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Cameras.

What Is Including: Soap, Towels, Sauna, Scrub Massage, Foam Massage, Full Body Oil Massage (15 mins), Hotel Transfer, Full Insurance.

What is Excluding: All Kind Of Drinks, Personal Expenses, Photos, Any Extra Treatment (Such As Extra Massage, Face Mask etc.)

Free Lockers For Your Personal Belongings

our locker room at turkish bath

Safe Boxes and Lockers

We will provide you with free safe boxes and lockers for your personal belongings so you just put your head at ease and just get relaxed inside of our Turkish bath.

Our locker room is secured with CCTV cameras during our Turkish bath open

A Satisfying Information Before We Get Started

As soon as we arrive, you will be welcomed warmly by the staff of the place and led to the inside of the building.

Probably, you will get fascinated at that moment, since the ambience and interior design of hammam will strike you:

Historical brilliance of Ottoman texture and modern lines of the current time…

Free Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Back Service

When you book any of our excursions online, our professional service bus drivers will be informed before your Marmaris excursion day then we begin picking our customers up from their hotels.

All we need from you is to be ready at the main entrance of your hotels on time. We also take you back to your hotels after we completed our excursions.

And all these services are free of charge. Our newly bought brand-new, air-conditioned vehicles are available to be seen on Marmaris streets all-day

Turkish Bath (Hamam) Program:

Pick-up From Hotels & Apartments

The pick-up times will be chosen by you so we can meet you at your hotel anytime you chose.

To start our Turkish Bath session, we will pick you up if you are in Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler or Marmaris City

Centre by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle.

Then, we will drive until we get to the facility.

Sauna (10 Minutes)

10 mins sauna before we take you to the Turkish bath (Hamam)

We will enter into a room covered with wood producing very refreshing aroma while you’re enjoying the steam inside.

The body starts sweating and throwing all useless toxins out of the skin through the spores on the surface.

Scrub Massage (15 mins)

The most exciting part to start: This massage helps you get rid of the dirt on the skin and the pores of your sweat glands.

You will get scrubbed by the professional and licensed masseuse of the facility who wears a special piece of rug (mitt) its also called Kese in Turkish. 

So this is when staff called(tellak) gently scrub your body (exfoliating) and take all the dead skin off of every surface. It’s prooved that helps for getting a better suntan.

This session is made for helping you to get rid of the dead layers of your skin. In other words, you will enjoy an extensive peeling from head to toe.

Foam Massage (15 mins)

A very special method to cover all your body with soap that helps the last peace of dead skin split away.

The idea behind this treatment is to provide you with optimum relaxation by a thorough massage on your body.

After enjoying it, you will be covered with a mass of foam. Accompanied by delightful scents and a soft feeling,

you will be receiving a delicate foam massage afterwards. During those minutes, you will leave negativity and aches behind.

Full Body Oil Massage

The massage is done using some special aroma oils, which play an important role in cleansing and relaxing of the whole body.

The masseuse will massage your body gently with her magical fingers which will take your tiredness away.

Also, because those oils are all-natural and organic, they will contribute to your complete satisfaction.

Return Back To Hotels

After lovely, relaxing hours, you will be returning back to the bus. Heading back to Hotels and delivering everyone back to their hotels & apartments.

Note: Pick up times for Icmeler is different. Please consider the pick-up times written on your booking confirmation sent to your e-mail.

  • For Families, Kids & Couples
  • With Sauna
  • With Scrub Massage
  • With Foam & Bubble Massage
  • With Aromatic Oil Massage
  • With Best Price
  • With Free Transfer
  • Spa & Relax
  • Any Day & Any Time

FAQs About Marmaris Standart Turkish Bath

Are There Lady Masseurs For Female Guests ?

Yes, we do have lady masseurs for female guests. Also, it’s a family Turkish Bath so it’s suitable for all members of your family.

No, it won’t! it is a common mistake that people believe tan is easily scrubbed off. But its quite the opposite.

it is also a very good idea to join the Turkish Bath at the beginning of your holiday.

When you have scrubbed down, your body will be ready for sunbathing and you will get a better tan.

Yes, it is. It’s for families with the kids and also for the couples. Anyone can come in our Turkish bath