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Marmaris Fly Fish

Marmaris Fly Fish


armaris Fly Fish

Marmaris water sports is in one step with every improvement that emerges.

The name of the activity comes from the combination of its shape and the way it works.

Flyfish rise above the surface of the water for an uncertain period regarding the weather condition and the speed, being dragged by a speed boat.

Flyfish accommodate from 1 to 3 person. There are handles to hold on while on it. You better be aware of the extreme feeling approaching and hold tight not to fall off.

Then get ready for fun going up and down over the water. When you are going down, you will be filled with fear and excitement.

Don’t worry about your safety. The chance of falling is very slim.

Enjoy your ride!

Availability: Every day, Any Time

Duration: 15 min

Included Price: 15 Min Fly fish, Free transfer, Insurance

Excluded in Price: Recompensation for any lost goods like watches, sunglasses etc.

Recommended: Make sure you don’t have your mobile, watch etc with you

Can we go 3 People?

Yes, you can. It’s more fun with more people

Is there a age limit for this?

Yes, you can only go for it if you are over 17  years old