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Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip


ur Marmaris Dalyan Tour (Turtle Beach)


A mesmerizing experience taking a whole day to cover the amazing treats we have in store for you. The comfortable exhilarating trip is with much comfort in stores one of our well equipped three-level boats. A strong and large boat to travel the distance.

Our itinerary includes the very best sites of interest in one day and is very good value for your money.

This trip is for people of all ages who wish for the very best 8n order to soak up the atmosphere of Turkey at its best with our Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour.

Out boats have sunbeds on the terraces for your relaxation, tables and chairs downstairs and state if the art amenities including showers and toilets.

We ensure a full fun packed interesting day in the comfort of our boats that have two well-stocked bars for refreshments of your choice all day long.

Our boats are all very well maintained and in the excellent first-class condition so that you can relax and enjoy the ambience of it all.
Our Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour begins very early for a full fun-packed day out.

We pick you up from your hotel at 8-30 to travel in our comfortable vehicles to Marmaris harbour where your boat awaits your arrival.
We set off from Marmaris Harbour through the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean to start your day of history, relaxation and much

Turkish culture which will delight all your senses.

Our journey will take approx 2.5 hours to reach the Dalyan delta.
On our way to Dalyan Turtle Beach, we delight you by stopping at Kizilkum Bay where you can enjoy some wonderful swimming in this crystal clear bay.

We stay here for approx 30 minutes.

Kizilkum Bay is a paradise on earth in the Adakoy region of Marmaris. This is a unique experience as this gem of a bay can only be reached by boat.

We will enlighten you about some interesting facts about Kizilkum Bay which has been a favourite place for many famous people in ancient times including Cleopatra who loved this area.

To give you the best feeling of this Bay and history here is one of the legends about it.

According to ancient scriptures, a King’s daughter fell in love with a local Fisherman in Kizilkum bay.

She was not allowed to marry him as the relationship was not approved by the Royal Court. The princess met her lover in secret at Kizilkum bay where she spent days and nights with him.

The King caught his daughter on this beach with her fisherman love and ordered his men to fight him.
Deciding to fight him a boat set off to the bay and the fisherman seeing the light thought it was his love and came close to the beach.

The Kings daughter on board fought with the soldiers and escaped. But she couldn’t get to him because of the bug stretch of water and then a miracle happened at that point when she jumped into the sea it turned to sand.

She escaped to her fisherman love but the soldiers who followed her were sunk in the waters.
The young fisherman was shot by an archer but survived.

Our tour then takes us from Kizilkum Bay towards the Dalyan
delta to Iztuzu Beach. You have an opportunity to swim here in the crystal clear waters where if you are lucky you will see a turtle.

This area is home to the famous loggerhead turtles locally known as Caretta Caretta Turtles. At this fabulous 7 km stretch of the Iztuzu beach the view us just incredible beyond belief. Golden sands and a protected area.

A famous lady Kaptan June Haimoff has fought to keep this beach as natural and unspoiled as possible to preserve the beautiful animals.
A breeding ground and nesting place for thousands of these incredible turtles.

There is a University Hospital here for Turtles near this beach where the water is divided between freshwater and the salty Mediterranean waters.

These two places where we take you have added highlights of our Marmaris Dalyan Tour as we appreciate that excellence us what you are looking for.

We use a canal boat to take us down the river. Through the Dalyan delta where you can see incredible views of the Ancient Lycian Tombs and Dalyan.

Dalyan is a lovely little town located just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean coast. It is in the Mugla Province if Turkey on the banks of the river.

Its been a favourite place for many centuries has an interesting culture and boasts incredible weather. Untouched by the time it offers many unique opportunities including canal boat trips up this incredible river.

It retains its ancient charm as it has been home to many civilizations. Its narrow winding streets, interesting little shops and restaurants are just a pure delight to be explored.

You will first approach the Rock tombs which are very eye-catching so have your camera ready.
The tombs as you will see are spread over a large area. The tombs of the Kings of Kaunos.

They are undoubtedly the most significant examples of funerary architecture and show us valuable incites into ancient burial customs.
Inside are often carvings with depictions of temple architecture and designs dating back to 2 BC

The enjoyment of travelling down this scenic river takes in the sun, the breezes and the natural beauty and you will be blown away by it all.
It’s a very spiritual experience too passing the ancient tombs in this stunning protected area.

Here you will find the remains of Kaunos which includes a Roman theatre. Byzantine Basilica, Roman Bath with lots of tombs of differing sizes.
We arrive at the Thermal Mud baths where you will enjoy a unique experience because off the minerals and healing properties in the mud.

It’s said to be good for rheumatism, nervous disorders, skin disorders, back pains and sciatica.
One of the ingredients sulphur said to be proven as stopping wrinkles. So enjoy all you people a chance of a lifetime.

According to legend also did you know The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have enjoyed the mud baths here which have been present for centuries.

Enjoy have some fun in the mud baths, then clean yourselves in the cool natural beauty of the area and waters of the showers.

We then travel to Dalyan where you will be amazed by its beauty and interesting features and chose yourself a cafe to eat and drink and enjoy the thus incredible atmosphere.

We return to our boat and wind our way back to Marmaris.

Whilst we have tried to enlighten you about the history and culture of this spectacular area our boats have tour guides who will explain the significance of each area we visit and pass in your language along our route.

This your has to be just the best giving you a selection of the best opportunities around in one day trip,
We arrive back in Marmaris approximately 7-30 pm having given you an experience of a lifetime.

You will learn so much history and culture and experience for yourselves so much learning more about our beloved Turkey

Book with us ———-. Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour, ———-You will not be disappointed we can promise you that. Look forward to meeting you!

Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Boat Tour

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Type: Cultural & Historical

Country: Turkey

Town: Marmaris

Pick-Up Time: 08:30 a.m

Duration: 10 Hours

Tour Pick-Up Point: Please be ready at the main entrance gate of your hotel.

Remember To Bring: Towels, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Hat.

What Is Including: Lunch, Guide (English Speaking), Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off Hotel Transfers, Insurance, Entrance Fees.

What is Excluding: All Kind Of Drinks, DVD Recording, Personal Expense

Caution: Please DO NOT forget to have your breakfast at your hotel before getting picked up as it’s a long day excursion.

Our Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour Boats

Barkas boat marmaris is one of the biggest Dalyan Turtle beach boats in Marmaris

  Barkas Boat Marmaris

Orca Boat Marmaris is very big and new. They Do Dalyan Turtle Beach Boat Trip Everyday

    Orca Boat Marmaris





Yagna Travel Agency has cooperation with two big boats in Marmaris.

They are called Orca Boat Marmaris and Barkas Boat Marmaris.

They are massive, triple-decker boats and newly designed. They are both doing the Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour every day.

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip Mud Bath & Thermal Pool

At the Thermal Pool & Mud baths where you will enjoy a unique experience because off the minerals and healing properties in the mud.

It’s said to be good for rheumatism, nervous disorders, skin disorders, back pains and sciatica.
One of the ingredients sulphur said to be proven as stopping wrinkles.

So enjoy all you people a chance of a lifetime.

According to legend also did you know The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have enjoyed the mud baths here which have been present for centuries…

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Kaunos: An Ancient City of Ruins and Rock Cut Tombs

Kaunos was once a thriving port city in Southwestern Anatolia near Dalyan, Turkey, between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Its ruins tell a tale of a rich and opulent history with its many archaeological structures and elegant Kaunian rock-cut tombs.

Life in this port city dates back to the tenth century BCE.

However, it was finally abandoned around 1500 CE. Today, the site reveals a multi-cultural tapestry of life that once occupied this area…

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Turtle Beach (Iztuzu)

Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Beach) is one of the longest beaches of Turkey. As it lays along 6 km which also splits the Mediterranean sea and Koyceğiz lake.

Remaining one side salty seawater and the other side is fresh lake water. The famous Caretta Caretta Turtles often come here to leave their eggs and when they are endangered species and under the protection of UNESCO.

They are observed and protected until their eggs hatched and leave.

Free Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Back Service

one of our free hotel pick-up service buses

When you book any of our excursions online, our professional service bus drivers will be informed before your Marmaris excursion day then we begin picking our customers up from their hotels.

All we need from you is to be ready at the main entrance of your hotels on time. We also take you back to your hotels after we completed our excursions. And all these services are free of charge.

Our newly bought brand-new, air-conditioned vehicles are available to be seen on Marmaris streets all-day

Tour Program

08:30 – 09:00

Pick-up From Hotels & Apartments

We will pick you up from the designated pick up points by air-conditioned buses.

The pick-up times and pick up points will be given on your arrival when meeting our representetive.

In general, pick up times from Icmeler is half an hour earlier than Marmaris pick-up times and from Marmaris


Sail out to Dalyan River By Boat

Boat trip from Marmaris with a small cruise ship to Turtle Beach (Iztuzu) for approximate 120 min.


Lunch on the boat

The Lunch is served on the boat. When we reach that point we get transferred to small riverboats to be able to get in the shallow delta of Dalyan river and start our journey up the river.


Photo & Information Break By Kaunos Rock Tombs

Sailing up the river we reach our first target and giving a break against the King Tombs for 30 min for information and pictures.

14:15 – 15:00

Riverboat to the canals

Departing toward our second target and Mud baths and thermal springs.


Mud baths & Thermal Pool

The ones who wish to swim in the pools or in the mud baths have got 60 min free time.


Turtle beach for 1.5 hour

Getting back on the boats and heading back to Turtle beach. Break on Turtle Beach for 1 hour.

The ones who love to swim can either swim in the sea waters or walk only 50 ms and reach the river waters. Iztuzu ıs a national park.


Return Back To Marmaris

After the relaxing break on Turtle beach getting transferred to small riverboats and turning back to the boat. Heading back to Marmaris and delivering everyone back to their accommodations.

Note: Pick up times for Icmeler is different. Please consider the pick-up times written on your booking confirmation sent to your e-mail.
  • For Families & Couples
  • All Day
  • Mud Bath & Thermal Pool
  • Historical & Cultural
  • With Turtle Beach
  • With Swimming
  • With Free Transfer
  • With Best Pirce

FAQs About Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Tour

How Long Does It Take To Get To Dalyan Delta By Boat?

It takes about 2 hours. But don’t worry about the duration because it’s going to be a very interesting journey by the sea.

We will also stop for swimming and if you are having a lucky day,

you may even see the dolphins playing around Dolphin Bay!

The mud baths and thermal pools contain plenty amount of Sulphur and other minerals that cause this smell.

Yes, they sometimes smell like a rotten egg but hey, you know what they say “Take the bitter with the sweet” Just enjoy it.

You are going to like it 🙂

Yes, it is. It’s for families with the kids and also for the couples. Anyone can join this tour.

Especially kids will love swimming breaks and mud bath.

No. We are going to see those tombs only a couple of hundred metres away from the riverboats.

The riverboats will stop by them, positioning for photo break to get really good shots and the tour guides will give you a piece of wide information about King Tombs.

No. You don’t have to worry about any entry fees because they are all included in the price.