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Marmaris Aegean Island Boat Trip

Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip


armaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip

Join us on our all-inclusive boat trip that appeals to all and a must to do at least once. Many join us again and again.

Our trip which begins at approx 9 am onboard our first-class well maintained boats includes hotel transfers to our starting point Orhaniye.
Onboard you will experience all the advantages of our all-inclusive day trip which will take approx 8 hours.

Our staff are friendly, helpful and awaiting your arrival. You will just love it.

Your day out includes a delicious lunch, drinks of your choice, wine, beer soft drinks .tea and coffee. Entertainment is also provided onboard.

Marmaris has many unique, awe-inspiring islands off its coastline. Each of them has different historical and culturally exciting aspects as well as being known for their extreme beauty.

We begin our sea journey across the crystal clear blue waters from Orhaniye to our first stop Selimiye.

This trip is creatively themed to get the very best opportunities in your day out to the most picturesque and interesting Islands anywhere in the world.

As this trip is one of the most spectacular options ever you must take your camera.


Our first stop enables you to swim in the crystal clear waters of the extraordinary beautiful Hidden Bay.
This is 10 km from our starting point and one of the most spectacular Islands in this area.

The bay is crystal clear and has a delightful waterfront and is an unspoiled area of total bliss. The beauty around you will be phenomenal.
There are remains of an ancient castle on the hill which was built by The Knights of St John, dating back to Hellenistic times with thousands of years of history.

Landmarks on this island include a watchtower, lighthouse, monastery and ancient theatre.
This island is well known for its immaculate and beautifully coloured sea.

The fish that come from it and the rich variety of fruit and vegetables that grow in its fertile fields.
The many wild herbs that grow in this island create a pleasant fragrance of thyme, oregano and sage.

The scents of the herbs and pine forests pervade the village.
This Island is a jewel in the Aegean sea where swimming is the best and this bay is backed by pine-clad mountains and it is full of laid back charm.

The fishermen and their nets on the beach and their colourful boats Bob up and down on the clear waters.
Semiliye is also well known for its harvest of almonds as well as herbs and also is famous for its Pine Honey.

This area and the other islands are unique and most stunning and you are more likely to see a herd of goats or even a farmer riding a donkey.

It is like going back in time.

Our next break is at Kamelya Island

Kamelya Island is a pretty little place full of history dating back thousands of years.

It has 1800-year-old ruins of a Greek Orthodox Church with the most amazing Pebble Mosaics. It is said to have been the second home of the Virgin Mary.
A jewel of an island reminiscent of paradise on earth with clear seas, sandy beaches, lush pine forests and staggering beauty everywhere.

The clear Waters provide heavenly dip into the warm clear sea which is incredibly refreshing even on the hottest of days.
This is a romantic setting and here you have the Ancient Wishing tree.

Make a wish under this Ancient Olive Tree, circle it three times and if you wish to tie your ribbon on the tree.
Walk to the Church Mosaics and make a wish too.

The natural beauty us mindblowing and a perfect setting to enjoy your lunch we provide for you. Lunch is a traditional mouth-watering nutritious meal
After lunch, we board our body again to travel to Rabbit Island.

Rabbit Island

Rabbit island as its name suggests is full of rabbits and it will be fun finding them and feeding them.
Separating the beaches of Gumusluk is this unique distinctive rabbit island.

Wild rabbits have been habituating this island for a long time and it’s a charming place to visit.
This Island was the favourite place for the King of Halicarnassus in the fourth century BC. And he ruled this area for 24 years.

Today this islands an archaeological site with many remains on it. It is a picturesque spot with beautiful locations wherever you look.

Everyone adores this area, the rabbits, pure beauty and gorgeous bays.
We now move on to Dislice Island, known as Toothy island, because of the fantastic tooth-like volcanic rocks.

It is also known as lovers Island because of its scenic beauty, and it’s a sensual thrill just being there with unspoiled panoramic charm
The sea is emerald green and clear and can be also blue and purple and you can swim in total bliss.

Next, we move to Aquarium Bay.

Aquarium bay, as its name suggests, is full of marine life and just a delight to swim or snorkel in an area with beautiful deep waters full of natural interest. Perfect artistry that mother nature provides.

It is incredible what can be seen underwater because if the astonishing clarity of the waters of the Aegean.
The water blue, turquoise and green just perfect for taking the most amazing photographs.

We then visit Jesus Beach

Jesus Beach will mesmerize you with its stunningly beautiful views .it is one of the natures natural wonders with a sandy bank arising from the deep waters some 600 metres long and between 2-3 metres wide.

This sandbank divided the gulf into two deep parts with the shallow area you can walk along only knee-deep in water. It’s like walking on water.
You can enjoy the sea, swim in the fabulous sea here or be amazed at the scenery around you.

There is a legend about this area. Thousands of years the Princess of the King of Bybassos fell in love with a fisherman and met him here secretly. Her father found out and ordered the fisherman be killed. The King’s soldiers chased them. As she couldn’t swim she perished here.

After that, the area was named Maiden sands.

After our last stop, we relax and return to Marmaris where we help all our guests to return to their hotels with our hotel transfer services.
You must book with us to give you the best opportunity in this area, the highest quality and chosen route for your wonderfully organised trip of a lifetime.

We know all your senses will be aroused on this trip that you will always remember and come back again for the best day out ever.
It will for sure please all your aesthetic senses.

This stunning area with such and natural bays we’re used by ships thousands of years ago to shelter, alongside the incredible pine forests that often begin by the beaches.
The crystal clear coves and bays you see are only accessible by boat.

What are you waiting for? Book with us today for the Marmaris Aegean islands most trip to save you time and money.


Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Type: Boat Tour & Swiming

Country: Turkey

Town: Marmaris

Pick-Up Time: 09.00

Duration: 8 Hours

Tour Pick-Up Point: Please Be Ready At The Main Entrance Gate Of Your Hotel.

Remember To Bring: Towels, Swimming Suits, Sun Screens, Sun Glasses, Camera.

What Is Including: Unlimited Soft Drinks (Fanta, Cola, Sprite, Water, Tea, Coffee), Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks (Draft Beer, Local Wines, Vodka, Cocktails), Lunch (BBQ Chicken, Salad, Pasta), Fluently English Speaking Boat Crew, Fully Insured Boat, Hotel Transfer.

What is Excluding: Crisps, Ice Creams And Other Expenses

Our Boat

It’s a triple-decker boat, powerful engine which will never let us down on our tour on the sea, nice and cosy sunbeds, 6 toilets and showers,

wide and comfortable tables to have a great lunch and more…

Want to see it with your own eyes? then come on in! Join us today!

Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach)

This breathtaking beach is called as Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach). There a reason why its called Jesus Beach.

It has a natural sand-bank in the middle of the sea and you can actually walk on it as Jesus did. Its located at the Orhaniye Bay. It is one of the popular tourist attractions around Marmaris.

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All Inclusive





Yes! you are going to have an amazing day out with our extra chilled beverages with no limit.

This excursion is one of the best and most popular that chosen by people who want to have sunbathing, music, swimming and

no limitation on any drink they wish. You can get your drinks from our two open bars at any time of the day.

We’ve got one is on the upper deck and another one is on the lower deck which near the dining tables.

So we offer you from ice-cold beers to Whiskies, cocktails, pops, fizzy drinks hot drinks. Anything you wish …

Enjoy it!

Kids and Non-Swimmers Are Welcomed






Kids and non-swimmers, there is no need to worry about swimming off the boat.

We have arranged everything before you arrive onboard….

You don’t need to be a good swimmer. We have life-jackets or sea-noodles on board for non-swimmers and the children.

You can ask to use these items without any extra charge.

We have a large ladder at the back of the boat which you may just walk into water.

Free Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Back Service

When you book any of our excursions online, our professional service bus drivers will be informed before your excursion day

then we begin picking our customers up from their hotels.

All we need from you is to be ready at the main entrance of your hotels on time.

We also take you back to your hotels after we completed our excursions. And all these services are free of charge.

Our newly bought brand-new, air-conditioned vehicles are available to be seen on Marmaris streets all day

Tour Program

09:15 – 09:30

Pick-up From Hotels & Apartments

At the pick-up time stated, the shuttle will pick you up from your hotel if it is in Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler or Marmaris City Center by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle.

Then, you will be taken to the boat. In there, you will be welcomed warmly by our English-speaking, professional crew and you will be led to the boat.

Speaking of the boat, it has 2 decks and is fully-equipped including toilets, showers, sunbeds and bar.

Thus, you will be so comfortable in our Marmaris boat trip that you will feel at home! After the meeting part, we will sail to the first stop of our boat trip.


30 Mins Drive To Hisarönü Bay

After 30 min bus journey we reach Hisaronu bay where our 2 decker boat is waiting for us.


Stop At Jesus Beach

Departure from Orhaniye village. It’s famous for its name because when you start walking on that natural sandbank you will be feeling like you are walking on the water  We will stop here for an hour for swimming & sunbathing.

11.45 –  12.00

Selimiye Bay 

Swimming stop at Selimiye bay for 30 min. This place is our second swim break, it’s in Selimiye village and known by many Turkish people. There are many villas and houses resident by Turkish celebrities who don’t want to be disturbed by the paparazzi. You’ll love this nature around.


Kamelia Island

Visiting Kameliya island for 60 min. On top of the island, there is an ancient church ruin.

Rocky steps will lead you up to the church. At the same time there are so many rabbits and goats living in freedom. You can feed them if you like.


Lunch Time

Lunch will be served on the boat. Lucious lunch with salad and garnishes. Enjoy your meal!


Dişlice Island (Teeth-looking Island)

This place is very interesting, especially when you dive in that crystal water and climb up those giant rocks. Its name come from its look. When you look at it from about it looks exactly like teeth. We will stop here for another one hour


Last Swimming Break At Aquarium Bay

Last swimming stop at Aquarium bay for 30 min. Then we sail back to the place where we will get on the buses and head back to Marmaris.


Return Back To Marmaris

At the end of the day-long Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip, we are back in Marmaris at around

17:00 pm. We arrange to drop you back safely and comfortably in our well-kept vehicles to your place of stay.

Note: Pick up times for Icmeler is different. Please consider the pick-up times written on your booking confirmation sent to your e-mail.
  • For Families & Couples
  • All Day
  • Selimiye Bay
  • All-Inclusive
  • Orhaniye Bay
  • With Best Price
  • With Swimming
  • With Free Transfer
  • Jesus Beach

FAQs About Marmaris Aegean Island Boat Trip

Will There Be Lots Of Direct Sunlight? I've Very Sensitive Skin And I Don't Want To Get Sunburnt

Our Boat is a triple-decker, special designed boat so even on the upper deck

we have shade as much as we have downstairs.

But we also advise you to bring sunscreens and protection creams because Marmaris is a hot place.

We start off with a chill relaxing music(not too loud) until lunchtime then just to boost your mood up we begin playing slightly high volume music.

Then just before we return back to Marmaris, we put the best dance music to make you not get bored and have a good time!

We can serve omelette etc if you are vegetarian but for Vegans,

unfortunately, we only have pasta and salads.

So be prepared and bring your own food.

We don’t take passengers more than the capacity of our boat

so please don’t worry there will be plenty enough sunbeds for everyone.