During your free time, we recommend you to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site and expand your cultural accumulation. The magnificent city was later destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt. Then it became a part of the Roman Empire. Visiting the Hierapolis includes strolling through the biggest antiquated Roman necropolis (an ancient graveyard) in Turkey.   Walking by foot for 2km, tourists will see various tombs and sarcophagi, a complex of antient bath, Roman and Byzantine gates as well as an ancient theatre, which could accommodate 10 000 visitors. In 1988 Hierapolis was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hierapolis literally means ‘the Sacred City’. The city was believed to have been founded by Apollo, the Greek god of healing, medicine, music, light and truth. This ancient Roman city was famed for its sacred hot springs. Today, the ancient city  is a World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination in Turkey