an amazing jewel of a destination for substantial tourism whilst being steeped in history
to whet your appetite and invite you to enjoy Marmaris to it’s fullest extent I will give you some intriguing and interesting facts.

Marmaris continues to be a significant place situated where the Aegean and Mediterranean clear blue seas meet.

From ancient times it has been a trade route between Anatolia, Rhodes and Egypt.

Founded 3400 BC Ancient Marmaris was known as Phykos and was part of the Cari Empire in the 6 century. Marmaris Bay was used by their Military Ships while also being a fishing village.

Historians believe that there has been a castle in Marmaris since 3000 BC
It has always been known for its rich deposits of marble stone and is a significant player in the marble world trade.

This Macedonian Empire was ruled by Alexander the Great.
At around 138BC the city as it existed then was handed over to Time by the King of Pergamon Attalus III. And was controlled by the Ronan Generals in Rhodes.

It’s important to know that throughout history Marmaris has been ruled by many different ancient civilizations.
For this reason, Marmaris boasts lots of different styles of architecture.
The Egyptians, Asdurians, Ionians, Dorians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans all left their mark.

It fell into the hands of the Ottomans in1425 and they built the castle in 1522 .this Castle is now converted to a museum and an exhibition hall.

You will find on Castle hill there are traditional, old houses in the ancient style of this region
As you meander around Marmaris history awaits you with their many ancient structures just meeting your eye.

The massive Cathedral of the Ibrahim Aga Mosque was built in 1789 and is well worth seeing.
The old city walls of Marmaris date back to the pre- Hellenistic era and the remains of the ancient city Asar tepe.

In terms of Marmaris Old Port architecture and the harbour, it’s essential to see the ancient streets and buildings to get the real flavour of this extraordinary place

By the harbour, you can see the traditional shopping Bazaar as well as the colourful, eye-catching fishing boats as well as the ancient Castle.

Marmaris has given rise to essential appearances in history books.
It was in Marmaris that in 1798 Lord Nelson and his fleet took shelter in Marmaris harbour and stayed there.

At that time, Lord Nelson was heading to Egypt to battle with Napoleon’s fleet, a campaign which he won.
On the edge of Marmaris is situated the tomb of Samana who assisted the Ottomans.

The aqueduct and Tashan also display the power of the Sultans reign Alexander the Great had taken over Marmaris and used its harbour for his fleet.

He had rebuilt part of the Castle to station hundreds of his soldiers to protect his territory.

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Nowadays Marmaris has emerged as one of the most popular wintering places for tourists and a summer haven for sunseekers.

Its Marinas are outstanding and trading ships have been swapped for incredible Yachts in this picturesque harbour.

MARMARIS BAZAAR — is a must-have experience awaiting you. While it’s exciting and modern it has moreover retained its charming and ancient feel with narrow streets. Merchants sell all manner of goods from their tiny shops

As you wander around this part of the town you will feel like you have been whisked back in time. Now, how about that for an experience?

MARMARIS Caravansaval -situated within the Old Bazaar, is a historical must to see. An ancient place for travellers

to rest, and we could say the start of tourism.
But if course nowadays visitors enjoy the first-class experiences and comfort of high-quality hotels in Marmaris

Marmaris is now a significant holiday destination. It has been transformed into a city that has proved to provide everything and anything for the discerning traveller.

The population swells from 30,000 to400,000 in Summer amassing visitors from all over the world.

Marmaris has ample facilities to cater for all varied needs and desires.
It boasts a vibrant nightlife, fantastic beach fronts, stunning countryside, crystal clear waters and unique Turkish culture.

The warm and friendly hospitality offered by the Turkish people makes it just a splendid place to stay.
It is an exceptional choice whether single, couples or with a family.

Did you know that Turkey grows a massive percentage of world cotton in Northern Turkey?
It has manufacturing plants and creates much of our clothing in the UK.

Major retail shops in the UK such as M&S, F&F Next and Monsoon and many others have their clothing made in Turkey.

For this reason, Marmaris is a shoppers paradise as you will find seconds and First class clothing at a fraction of UK prices.