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Greek Island Rhodes -Places To Visit –

Greek Island Rhodes -Places To Visit –

Rhodes Island

The island town of Rhodes in Greece is renowned for its history as well as beauty. Here is a short list of the many places you can visit in the old town on a day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes.

Acropolis in Rhodes

The Acropolis in Rhodes dates back to the Classical Greek Period. Situated on an island at 3 km from the town, it is part of a huge archeological park covering an area of 12,500 square meters. Among other attractions, the site consists of the Temple of Apollo, the Athena Polias and the Zeus Polieus.


Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Housed in the medieval Hospital of the Knights Hospitaller Order of Saint John, the museum building was completed in 1489 by the Grand Master d’ Aubusson.


Throne of Helios (9 D Cinema)

The Throne of Helios (9 D Cinema) is an interesting modern entertainment centre, a combination of the cinema hall and a thematic park within the museum.


Place of the Grand Master of the Knights

Also known as Castello, this medieval castle in Rhodes is a rare example of Gothic architecture in Greece. This place was previously a fortress of the Knights Hospitaller and an erstwhile headquarters and the palace as well.


Elli Beach

Located near Mandraki, the Elli Beach is very close to the town. A popular beach among the Dodecanese, this is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.


Medivial Clock Tower:

An ancient Byzantium building dating back to the end of the 7th century, this is one of the most impressive structures of the Old Town. The structure has been rebuilt following the earthquake of 1851 and is open every day for visitors.


Ancient Stadium

Located next to the Temple of Apollo in the ancient acropolis, this ancient stadium is over 600 feet in length. A part of it is well preserved even today and most of the significant works of art from around this place have been recovered by the archaeologists.


Food Options in Rhodes

You’ll find a big number of interesting restaurants in Rhodes. These restaurants offer a wide variety of food ranging from the local Greek cuisine to the continental cuisines from France and China.


Public Transportation in Rhodes

With an extensive network of good roads and a regular schedule of buses, Rhodes has one of the best public transport systems. However, we suggest our guests make the best use of taxi services as you have only 6 hours of free time to explore the island.


Shopping in Rhodes

The island may be small, but there is a big opportunity for shopping here. The new town of Rhodes is a busy commercial district with fashions from basics to the most extravagant. The shops in the old town stay open till late night to attract the tourists! One can buy jewellery, souvenirs, ethnic wares, ceramics, trendy and expensive clothes walking the streets of the New and the Old Town.

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